Bancroft Studio Tour

Artists 2023

William Kafka
stone sculptor

William works in Zimbabwe stone, unique for its colour and veining and uses stone carving tools to form sculptures that are unique and elegant in form. His work is created outdoors, overlooking L’Amable Creek.


Nancy McKinnon

Nancy is a landscape painter whose medium of choice is acrylics or oils. Her bold brush strokes and vibrant choice of colours is reflected in her work and the beauty that surrounds us.

Nancy is a guest at William’s studio.


John Oleson

Wood, canvas, 3-D art in bowls, platters, abstract flow paintings and decorative artistic items. The artistry of these pieces is displayed in a three-room gallery by a forest setting.


Lyle Collins
wood artist

Lyle creates one of a kind salt and pepper mills and shakers from tree branches sourced on his own property. He lets Mother Nature do the design and he produces unique end tables and stands, charcuterie boards, burl lamps, coat racks, mug tree stands and more!


Joanna Hankus
quilter, mosaic artist

Joanna is a versatile artist who specializes in quilts and mosaics. Her work mixes different medias, combining old and new materials. She assembles tesserae or fabrics into new, colourful compositions. joartsylife


Michael Hankus

Michael’s photography artwork aims to visually archive familiar settings of dwellings and landscapes in their most pleasant moments from unique vantage points. Come see the artistic documentation of the Bancroft area. hankus_visual. Michael and Joanna share a studio.


Patrick Doherty
painter (oil)

Painting since 1990, throughout his career Patrick has experimented with various media, finding much satisfaction combining unusual objects with traditional formats. As an urban native, Patrick continues to evolve creatively, but has strong roots in his childhood traditions. 416-579-4229


Allan O’Marra
painter (oil)

Visit my vintage Maxwell Settlement schoolhouse home/studio to see my high realist paintings in a magnificent setting in a valley, surrounded by mountains on the shore of a lake. •  Allan O’Marra @allanomarra


Ketha Newman
painter (watercolour, mixed media), printmaker

Enjoy the spectacular view from an off-grid hilltop studio. Ketha’s art is inspired by life in the backwoods and infused with magical realism. Ketha Newman Artist


Teena Surma
doll artist

Teena uses paper-clay and fabric to create one-of-a-kind dolls. Her artwork includes dolls, animals and other creations from her imagination. Each piece has its own unique personality and emotion. thefancifuldoll. Teena is a guest at Ketha’s studio.


Lucky Maloo
upcycler (sewing)

Miriam Hookings specializes in sewing repurposed natural fabric into playful and practical one-of-a-kind clothing and home accessories with zero waste from her warm and welcoming trailer by the woods. 613-334-9683 (cell) •  LuckyMaloo luckymaloo


Amy Doole

Amy creates functional stoneware pottery. Her work is nostalgic and playful with bright and earthy colours, sculptural elements, unique textures and vintage images.


Stephanie Park

Stephanie creates original stoneware pottery using time-honoured and modern techniques. Her work is inspired by the beauty of the wild and natural landscapes of the region. 613-639-3497 • •   @spark_pottery. Stephanie is a guest at Amy’s studio.


Freddie Towe
painter (mixed media, oils and acrylic)

Freddie Towe’s work displays an innate sense of colour and space. A curiosity for what is and what could be. 416-534-9562 freddie towe


Barbara Allport
painter (acrylic)

Barb is primarily a landscape painter, inspired by the rural world of forests, wetlands and lakes where she lives. The textures and colours of Eastern Ontario speak to her heart. 613-334-9502 Barbara is a guest at Freddie’s studio.


Ken Fraser

A self-taught painter/sculptor, Ken loves creating playful images that capture the wonder of the world around us. Painting on old wood and creating sculptures from clay and found materials. 613-334-5577 @k.fray. Ken is a guest at Freddie’s studio.


Ken Balmer
painter (oil, acrylic)

The Gallery at High Falls. Wildlife paintings capturing both likeness and Orenda, the essential spirit of each creature. Come see a mix of realistic, bold colour and abstract interpretations. Ken Balmer


Bob Pearson aka krys bradley
painter (pastel, charcoal, oil)

krys works in pastel, charcoal and oil. Favours landscapes and figurative works accenting light and dark. His home and studio overlooks Lake Baptiste. Works span Bancroft, BC, New Brunswick, Africa.


Karen Istead
glass artist
Working in fused and stained glass, Karen captures the light reflecting from waterways , sky and trees. Birch trees are my ongoing passion. See my work displayed on the shores of Baptiste Lake. Karen Istead Glass Artist


Emily Istead
stained glass artist

Emily hand draws and creates original stained glass pieces from scratch. She takes a whimsical approach, to make her work as joyful and colourful as possible. ems_whimsical_creations. Emily is a guest at Karen’s studio.


Harry Langford

Harry is a contemporary artist that works in various mediums of acrylic, oil and resin. He uses different techniques such as Dutch pour, resin manipulation and more recently brush work to achieve his desired effect.


Daryl Phillips

Come and enjoy Daryl Phillips home/studio on Vanluven Lake, just minutes from Bancroft. His photographs reveal aspects of nature that are beautiful and unique. CedarhausFilms